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02/29/2012 // Huntsville , Alabama, USA // maximusbiz // How To Delete

Image Max Mugshot Removal Service has just announced that they can delete in less than 60 Minutes. is one of many mugshot websites that publish booking photos, but this latest announcement could provide a quick fix for those who have discovered their mug shot on the site.

How To delete

Image Max Mugshot Removal service is the leader in mugshot removals and is considered a premier reputation management firm. With an average mugshot removal time of only 48 hours, Image Max has received some of the highest customer service reviews in the industry.

Tyronne Jacques author of How to fight Google and win says bailing out of jail for a minor offense may prove easier than bailing out of Google judging from the amount of new mugshot websites.

“Google has become the breeding ground for mugshot websites and only a few companies have the experience to get mugshots deleted from internet. The ability to get humiliating images removed from the internet within 60 minutes is a services that not only essential but also extremely vital to online privacy.” is currently targeting arrested individuals in the following States: Florida Mugshots, Georgia mugshots, Alabama mugshots, and Louisiana Mugshots. Clients who have contacted Image Max Mugshot Removal services search under the following keywords; How to remove Gotchamugshot, How to delete, How to remove a mugshot from the internet, how to delete, How to delete, and how to remove a mugshot from Google images.

Mugshot Removal Services

Image Max Mugshot Removal Services offers a money back guarantee that provides a 100% refund if they have failed to remove a mugshot photo found in Google. To date the firm has been successful in helping over 1000 clients delete their mugshot images and links found in Google, Yahoo, and Bing. Clients interest in signing up for their mugshot removal service can simply apply online 24 hours a day by visiting

Tyronne Jacques went on to say that For-Profit Mug Shot web sites are here to stay unless legislators or Congress steps in.

“What we are witnessing here is the worst side of the internet in which public records are being exploited for profit. Sites like are cashing in on the unfortunate circumstances of everyday people, which makes it very challenging to move forward from a very difficult period in life. “

How To Fight Google and Win is a step by step easy to follow textbook designed to help internet searchers repair and protect their online reputations. A few chapters include; How to remove a Mug- Shot, How to remove negative articles, How to recover from negative publicity, and How to take down a negative website.

Tyronne Jacques is a Reputation Management Expert and the author of How to fight Google and win. In a recent interview he explained that consumers don’t need a computer science degree in order to protect their online reputation, the first few steps are as easy as sending an email.

How to fight Google and Win is available in paperback through bookstores as well as an instant E-book version at Remove The E-book edition comes with 8 How To Videos designed to help even the most novice computer user remove a negative item off the first page of Google. The entire system was recently updated on January 1, 2012 to adjust to Google’s latest Algorithm changes.

For help in removing please visit

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