Governor had energy to move civil partnership act

Kattina Anglin, Cayman News Service


Kattina Anglin

(CNS): The Cayman Islands Court of Appeal has dismissed an appeal brought by a local Christian group challenging the governor’s power to enact the Civil Partnership Act in 2020 after parliament voted down a government bill. The appeal court, which had already directed the government to deal with the lack of legislation to uphold LGBT rights, said the case should have been thrown out even before the judicial review.

The ruling, written by Justice Sir John Goldring, the president of the Court of Appeal, agreed with Justice Williams, who heard the judicial review and rejected the original argument that the governor used the wrong powers. The appeal court found that the governor did have the power under section 81 of the Constitution, and it was a matter entirely for the United Kingdom Government under which section it wished to act.

“It is in my judgment clear that the Governor, in exercising his reserve power under s.81 to introduce and assent to the…