Governor’s Chook Sanctuary faces improvement menace

Governor’s Bird Sanctuary faces development threat

Snowy Egret at Governor Michael Gore Bird Sanctuary (photo from TripAdvisor)

(CNS): The Governor Michael Gore Bird Sanctuary, a well-known natural beauty spot in Savannah owned by the National Trust, is the latest piece of scarce and unique local wilderness threatened by development. An application for an apartment complex on an adjacent piece of land across from the wetlands and pond is expected to be heard by the Central Planning Authority this week, raising concern about the growing encroachment on even the rarest and most important remaining natural habitats in Cayman.

As the neighbouring landowner, the National Trust is allowed to formally object. The non-profit organisation is worried about the direct threat developing so close to the Sanctuary will have on its survival unless the landowner is required to preserve a significant vegetation buffer. This would help protect the pond, which is central to this small natural oasis in the middle of a suburban residential…