Gualdo Hidalgo, Publisher, Releases Reina de las Antillas, Book by Lázaro David Najarro Pujol

/ Gualdo Hidalgo, Latin Heritage Foundation publisher, proudly announces the release of Reina de las Antillas, una excursión por el tiempo, new book by outstanding Cuban journalist Lázaro David Najarro Pujol.

Gualdo Hidalgo, the publisher, is proud to present the new book written by the Cuban writer and journalist Lázarro Najarro.

Queen of West Indies, a Tour through Time, is a compendium of information about the island of Cuba. The author, Lázaro David Najarro Pujol, who has been awarded national and international prizes for his literary and journalistic publications, this time delights the readers with architectural descriptions, natural landscapes and heritage sites that invite to reflection.

With a detailed outline of the first eight villages founded by the Spanish, the book provides relevant historical data and calls for joint participation for the achievement of architectural conservation. History and tradition are grouped into a cluster of images prepared for the readers. Queen of West Indies, a Tour through Time is the new book by Lázaro David Najarro Pujol.

He is vice president of the Media Audio Branch of UNEAC,a member of the Editorial Boards of Perla Mojada magazine, and Scientific Publications and Research Center of Tourism Sciences at the University of Tourism Specialties of Quito, Ecuador.

The author begins the book, with historical heritage tourist flavor, mentioning Eduardo Saborit’s song title quote “Conozca a Cuba primero y al extranjero después” . It is pleasant, and it seems on purpose, having chosen the guitar player and composer from Manzanillo, who lived in Camagüey where he joined a trio with Luis Raga and Teodoro Benemelis, on his pilgrimage to Havana, but not before leaving to our people his teaching legacy at National School of Art Instructors and other popular Cuban , as his symbol song “Cuba, qué linda es Cuba” (composed on a trip to the USSR, in the Caucasus), “Cumplimos”, “Despertar”, “La Guayabera “and his immortal “Ode to literacy”.

Thus, Najarro begins with him, his tour of eight villas foundational, not only to know Cuba first, but to experience its beauty, and he does it with masterfully as he presents each location with its identifying characteristics, with the touches that give an overview of the difference between each other, and all the feelings that unites its people with the rest of the nation.

Andria Navarro, TV host of Latin News Agency, promotes the author’s book by a serie of promotional videos.

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