‘Gun for rent’ utilized in a number of crimes

Gun crime, Cayman News Service

(CNS): The gun used by Luisto Eusebio Hernandez when he tried to kill his girlfriend’s father was never recovered and is one of a number of weapons still in circulation that are being ‘hired out’ and reused over and over again. During his trial, it emerged that this firearm was also used in two robberies in 2021 and to kill former prison officer Harry Elliott last year.

In his sentencing ruling earlier this week, Justice Roger Chapple raised concerns about how quickly after the row between the two men Hernandez had managed to get a gun, return to the family yard and shoot him.

The judge said this was a reflection of Hernadez’ lifestyle, but it also shows that ‘guns for hire’ remain a problem for local law enforcement. This weapon remains in circulation, but because of its unique ballistic fingerprint, police have now connected it to four known serious crimes.

It appears to have first surfaced in an armed robbery by three men at a barber shop in George…