Gymnastics abuse: Eloise Jotischky turns into first to win a civil case in opposition to British Gymnastics

Eloise Jotischky

Eloise Jotischky says she quit acrobatic gymnastics as a result of her experiences in the sport

WARNING: This article contains distressing details.

A former elite acrobatic gymnast has become the first to win a civil case against British Gymnastics for the abuse she experienced in the sport.

Eloise Jotischky says Andrew Griffiths subjected her to inappropriate weight management techniques and verbal harassment when he was her coach at Heathrow Gymnastics Club.

British Gymnastics has admitted full liability. It has reached a settlement and Jotischky has received a full apology from the governing body’s chief executive.

However, after Jotischky had received a letter confirming British Gymnastics’ admittance of liability in March, Griffiths went to the World Acrobatic Championships as a Great Britain coach.

British Gymnastics told BBC Sport he has since cancelled his membership with the governing body and is therefore not permitted to coach, while Heathrow said he no longer works for them.