Haines completes Corsica’s 200k trek

Cayman News Service

Derek Haines

(CNS): The intrepid Derek Haines (73) completed the final stretch of the arduous 200k trek across the GR20 trail on the Mediterranean island of Corsica on Monday. Haines started the charity trek with his friend, Mike Burcombe, who had to leave the expedition halfway through due to a family matter, so the veteran endurance runner and hiker pressed on alone.

Burcombe described the trail as “brutal” after completing the northern and more difficult leg of one of the toughest hikes in the world.

Haines spent the last few days climbing in soaring heat, occasionally wandering off track without his towering 6″4′ partner to help navigate, and with boots that were falling apart. But he finished in good health, despite whinging knees and feet that felt as if they had been prepared like cracked conch.

Pushing their bodies to the physical limits, the pair took on the trek to raise money for the local charity Jubilate, an after-school programme with an…