Hair Loss & Hair Regrowth Treatment Company Provillus Offers Free 2 Month Bottle

05/24/2013 (press release: simmycogan) // Washington, Seattle, USA // Michelle Johns

Provillus is the powerful blend of natural herbs which promotes the natural hair regrowth and prevents hairs from falling. Poor diet, stress, atmospheric pollution and many other factors damage hairs and make them fall. Scientifically health experts found that it is a hormone called DHT which is responsible for hair loss. The increased amount of DHT hormone let the hairs fall from scalp. It grows at the scalp and blocks the food and water going to the hairs. This practice shrinks hair follicles making them weaker and weaker until they die and fall from scalp.

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Provillus hair regrowth spray is a liquid which is to be applied directly on the hair scalp. It cleans the scalp, prepares it for hair regrowth. It stimulates the hair regrowth, grows hairs thick, strong, healthy and makes them look shiny and beautiful. Health experts have tested the product clinically and verified it as safe and beneficial formula for hairs. It prevents hairs damage, hair loss, nourishes overall hair health and let you give the confidence of beautiful hairs. Approved by FDA, Provillus For Women & Men is used by many customers since a long time. All the customers have reported a significant reduction in hair loss, thick, strong and beautiful hairs in a very short time period with no negative side effects.

The two step formula consists of a hair regrowth supplement and a hair regrowth spray to promote a healthy, shiny and all time beautiful hairs. The hair regrowth supplement consists of pills which are to be consumed orally. Hair regrowth supplement blocks DHT formation over the scalp, prevents hairs from falling by providing hairs with extra nutrients and making them healthy and strong enough to fight against DHT hormone.

If you are one of the people suffering a hair loss, give a try to Provillus and say no to hair loss. Visit to read more reviews on Provillus Hair Growth Treatment for Men and Women Hair loss!

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