Halifax Gives South Yorkshire Savers a Headstart To 2012

/EINPresswire.com/ Marking the second draw of its monthly Savers Prize Draw, Halifax has given savers across South Yorkshire a great boost for the New Year as it made 33 savers £106,000 better off. One lucky local saver scooped one of the three top prizes of £100,000, with the others receiving prizes of £1000 and £100 each. In total, 55 South Yorkshire savers have won prizes in the two Halifax draws so far, with £110,000 coming in to the region in prizes.

With over 560,000 registrations, the unique Halifax Savers Prize Draw has grown even further in popularity with UK savers in January. The great attraction of the draw derives from the fact that savers can choose from a range of products that suit their varying savings needs, earn the interest associated with that account, as well as registering for the big draw. It is not a replacement for earning interest, it is a great bonus: rewarding the commitment to saving.

•The three big January winners came from across the UK: South Yorkshire, West Midlands and Norfolk.
•The luckiest counties, seeing the greatest number of prize winners were: Lancashire (79), West Yorkshire (60), London (59), Essex (48) and Surrey (43).
•Counties reaping the highest monetary rewards were: West Midlands (£106,400) South Yorkshire (£106,000), Norfolk (£102,200), Lancashire (£10,600) London (£9,500) and West Yorkshire (£9,600).

David Nicholson, Group Director, Halifax Community Bank, said: “Halifax branch colleagues in South Yorkshire are very excited to see local savers continue their winning streak in the Savers Prize Draw. They are looking forward to welcoming our winners into branches to claim their prizes, very happy I’m sure to have another opportunity to give customers that something extra. It will be a great boost for many to get the news at the start of the New Year”.

Letters are currently being sent to winners via recorded post.

The Halifax Savers Prize Draw
•The Halifax Savers Prize Draw is open to both new and existing customers
•The scheme will run for a minimum of 12 monthly draws
•Customers must maintain the £5,000 minimum balance in one or more qualifying accounts for the full calendar month prior to the draw
•Customers must be 18 or over at the end of the month prior to the draw and live in England, Wales or Scotland
•Due to different legislation, residents of Northern Ireland are not eligible to participate in the draw
•Winners will be individually notified
•Winners are not required to pay income tax on their prize amount
•Externally monitored by KPMG LLP

Customer enquiries: 0845 739 4959.
Press enquiries: Nick Osbourne, Halifax, P O Box 548, Leeds, LS1 1WU.

Halifax is a banking chain in the United Kingdom and a division of Bank of Scotland, itself a wholly owned subsidiary of Lloyds Banking Group. It is the UK’s largest provider of residential mortgages and savings accounts. It is named after the town of Halifax, West Yorkshire where it was founded as a building society in 1853. Its slogan is “A Little Extra Help”.

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