Hand-Made, Award-Winning Board Game to be Demonstrated at ChiTAG

11/14/2011 // Greenville, MI, USA // eternalrevolt // Paul Nowak

Uncle Chestnut’s Table Gype, a new hand-made, award-winning board game at the Chicago Toy and Game Show this year defiantly proves that amid thousands of other plastic and electronic toys made overseas there are still eco-friendly, American-made gift options this holiday season.

Michigan brothers Paul and Chris Nowak will demonstrate their board game, made of wood and cloth, at ChiTAG, November 19-20. They opted to manufacture and publish their game themselves, and despite the odds have caught the eye of gaming critics.

Table Gype is a Mensa Select game, a winner of the Mensa Mind Games Competition, and was nominated as the year’s best abstract strategy game by both GAMES Magazine and BoardGameGeek.com.

“People stop in their tracks when they see it,” said Joel Eddy, a board game reviewer. “It’s a quick and fun little game to play, and it’s really unique.”

Uncle Chestnut’s Table Gype is a slightly random strategy game for 2-4 players ages 8 and up. Players try to be the first to move all their pieces across a modified chess board made of cloth. Unlike other board games, the pieces are wooden dice with six mysterious and significant shapes on each side that move according to the symbol that is face-up. When they are jumped, the pieces are rolled, forcing players to adapt their strategy to random effects. The board game is packaged in a convenient mini cloth tote bag.

Table Gype will be on display at Booth 124 at ChiTAG at Chicago’s Navy Pier November 19-20.

More information on the game can be found at PlayGype.com or by contacting Paul Nowak at 616.425.8873 or Paul@PlayGype.com.

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