Hashish ‘gummies’ delivered with out prescription : Cayman Information Service

Cannabis ‘gummies’ delivered without prescription : Cayman News Service

(CNS): Chief Medical Officer Dr Nick Gent is asking medical professionals and pharmacists to follow the law when it comes to the dispensing and prescription of cannabis products, as all forms of the drug are illegal here unless prescribed by a doctor. After a local pharmacy mistakenly delivered cannabis gummies to a young patient without a prescription, the CMO is advising doctors to prescribe cannabinol derivatives in a medical format.

Although some of types of edibles with low levels of THC are now legal across many American states and Canada, all cannabis products are illegal here unless prescribed by a doctor. While there are some grey areas relating to hemp used in beauty products that can contain traces of THC or cannabinol, this is effectively still illegal in Cayman if there is a cannabinoid in the product.

The CMO recently conducted an inquiry in response to a complaint about a young person becoming ill after a local pharmacy used a service to deliver…