Heading Back to Campus? Sex and Relationship Therapist Deb Laino Offers Her Back… – Press Release

As millions of college-aged kids head back to campus for the start of the school year, sex and relationship therapist Deb Laino is offering her back-to-school checklist to ensure that students are taking safe sexual health practices seriously.

“Heading back to campus is a very exciting time for young adults, especially when it comes to sexual exploration,” said Laino. “It’s critical that students feel prepared and take ownership and responsibility for creating safe sexual experiences, not only for themselves but for others as well.”

With this in mind, Laino offers the following back-to-school safe sex checklist:

Consent and Communication are Key: Random hookups and one-night stands may be all the rage in college, and while no one is judging, it is critical to communicate with your partner and ensure they are able to consent. While conversations about sexual history and boundaries can be awkward, it should be a non-negotiable.

Rely on Campus Resources: College students may not be aware of that fact that many campuses provide sexual health services. Contact your student health center to learn about what might be available to you – whether it’s providing contraception or STD/STI testing, it’s important to take advantage of these critical resources.

Make Sure You and Your Partner are Covered – Literally: If you plan on being sexually active, make sure you are protecting yourself and your partner. According to a recent study, one in four college students has an active STI, so it’s important to use protection, whatever that looks like for you. I’m a big fan of trusted and reputable brands that have stood the test of time, like Trojan, which recently launched its newest condom, Trojan Bareskin Raw. The condom, which is America’s thinnest latex condom, provides a barely there feeling for maximum pleasure and protection. On this topic, it’s important to choose a condom that fits right and is put on correctly. Don’t be embarrassed if you don’t know the…