Health coach sues realtor after bike race crash : Cayman Information Service

Fitness coach sues realtor after bike race crash : Cayman News Service


Patrick Harfield

(CNS): Patrick Harfield (45), a local fitness trainer and triathlete, is suing James Bovell, a local real estate broker, after a bicycle crash during a morning time-trial race in East End back in September 2020. Harfield claims he was injured when Bovell lost control of his bike, veered off the road and let go of the bike, which slid and bounced across the road where the race was taking place and collided with Harfield, who was thrown from his bike.

According to the lawsuit filed in the Grand Court this week, Harfield claims that Bovell is liable for his injuries because he caused the crash. He stated that Bovell failed to keep “any or any proper lookout; failed to maintain his bicycle on the road; failed to apply his brakes whether in time or at all and failed to steer or control his bicycle”.

While the suit does not specify on what grounds Harfield is making those claims about why Bovell is to blame, he said he was relying on the doctrine of res…