Heaven’s Location? In Miles?

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In what would be quite a discovery, maybe the discovery of our time, an author by name of Gordon Speahl claims to have calculated the distance to heaven in Miles.

In a book published on amazon.com under “Gordon Speahl”, the author reflects on his research and draws logical conclusions by combining data with biblical facts; leading to some very intriguing conclusions.

In this narrative; written is very simple easy to read language a child can understand, the author goes on a journey, making sense of the facts and observations by reductive reasoning. Although drawn on peculiar inferences and projections, the conclusions attained are not only compelling, they make good sense. The book  is also presented as somewhat of a puzzle to be solved by the reader, and is fascinating in that sense.

The questions – “Where is heaven?” or “What is the location of heaven?” Remain some of the most asked questions of all time, a simple search on google would reveal endless pages of people and organizations attempting to draw logical conclusions on where heaven could be, or should be, based on biblical text.

Some scientific approaches at this calculation have even attempted to no avail, mostly because none of them combined science with the bible the way this author does, using a single biblical verse. Dr. Billy graham is quoted as saying:”The bible is the only authoritative source of information about the bible,” and he would be absolutely right.

On Oprah Winfrey’s groundbreaking series “BELIEF” on OWN, she chronicles stories from around the world of people desiring to find purpose and meaning in their lives. 19yr old Cha Cha, shaking to the core by a recent trauma, seeks to re-connect with her faith; she is an evangelical christian college student. Reshma Thakkar, seeks to fill a vold in her life by traveling to the banks of the Ganges River in India for the Kumbh Mela, she is a young Indian-American Hindu woman from Chicago.

In Budapest, Hungary, 13-yr old Mendel Hurwitz is a member of a tiny Jewish population struggling to keep their culture relevant, he prepares for his bar mitzvah; and more… The most shocking of these expressions of belief is the story of Alex Honnold, the rock climber who finds a deeper meaning to his existence in, and  practices his beliefs about life, via free solo rock climbing – rock climbing without ropes or harnesses; a mind boggling feat.

These expressions of belief are a handful of the myriad we all express in our daily lives. The pertinent and lingering questions remain; What is faith? What is belief? How do you make sense of your existence?

How do you reconcile faith, belief, and religion, with Godliness?


About the The Author

Gordon Speahl was raised Christian (Roman Catholic) and still is Christian.

As an adult, Gordon took on a different approach to incorporating the Bible in his life, allowing for revelation in thought. In this approach he became a thinker, and then a writer; this more so after discoveries of certain facts about the history of the Bible and of Christianity. Gordon holds certain biblical verses key, with which continually analyzes the world. Such as, – “By their seeds you shall know them”.

The book showcases some of his thought patterns; it is a great read for the open minded reader who values a well thought out opinion. The book is not intented to create any kind of divisiveness, rather the exact opposite by way of enligtenment and dialogue. It is available to audiences 18 and above.



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