What Happens When A Company Has A High Ranked E-waste Website For Sale

11/13/2013 (press release: Meki) // Ventura, CA, USA // Meki Cox

High ranked e-waste website for sale.

What happens when you build a phenomenal website that ranks well in Google, Yahoo and Bing but you cannot handle the traffic?

One woman sets off on a mission to find a buyer that can handle a high ranking California E-waste Collection website without burdening them and causing them to run their company into the ground. In other words, she has a high ranked e-waste website for sale and while it’s an amazing website, selling it has become a problem.

In 2011, Meki Cox, who is a unique content SEO expert and web designer, built a specific website for a small e-waste company in Lancaster, California. The company did not finish paying off the website and the ownership legally reverted back to her. She then provided the website to another small e-waste company in hopes of helping them out. However, instead of helping the company, the massive amounts of calls and traffic turned out to be too much of a burden for the small sized e-waste collection business.

Meki then began calling companies in the e-waste industry to try and sell the website to them, explaining that she had a high ranked e-waste website for sale in the e-waste recycling world. Not being a salesperson, she was met with major resistance. Most of them were abrupt, rude and hung up on her as she tried to explain that she had a high ranked e-waste website for sale and that it ranked high for the California e-waste market.

One company took a few moments to patiently listen to her story and then explained that the e-waste companies had very recently been inundated with phone calls for SEO companies and web designers that were not legitimate and that sales people were calling around the clock, which would make the task of even speaking to someone in the company who could make a decision on purchasing such a high grade website, almost impossible. Trying to tell them there is a high ranked e-waste website for sale is out of the question.

Reaching out to established website brokers turned out to be dismal as they realistically only sell websites with pitched advertising on them and not stand-alone high ranking sites in specific industries like e-waste.

In a unusual attempt to garner interest, Meki decided to tell the entire story on a page of the website itself which chronicles all of the details of the site, information about her and what a company can expect to save over time with a natural, organic ranking website. It’s a very personal approach that is unlike any other sales technique and so far the effort has netted her a few phone calls from various parties.

“Most of the people that are calling,” Meki stated, “are looking to get the website for free. That’s not going to happen. I put a lot of effort and research into what it would take to rank the website and I did a really good job on it. It’s not a free website and any company that wants it for free cannot handle the logistics of the callers or the needs of the public.”

Researching the stats on the website turned up the fact that it ranks very well for keyword phrases: “Free California E-waste Collection”, “California E-waste Pick Up”, “Free Computer Scrap Pick Up”, “Medical E-waste Collection California” and many more keywords for the industry, but Meki has reservations at this point.

“I just don’t know if the e-waste companies in California understand how much money this site can save them instead of having to buy Adwords or other advertising methods. It does rank in the top and it does rank on the first pages of Google. It’s really kind of sad.”

Her worst fears are that a small company will want the high ranked e-waste website for sale, only to find out that they cannot handle the traffic that comes from it. So every day, Meki sits down daily and calls companies that might have an interest and tries to get past the receptionist who has already been bombarded with sales calls. For once, this call, she thinks, can actually help out a business and save them money.

Companies interested in viewing this unique personal approach to trying to sell a viable website and what Meki has attempted to do may visit http://www.california-ewaste-collection.com and click on the link below the HOME Page menu item. If any company has interest in this high ranked e-waste website for sale please contact Meki directly.

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