Hill alleges victimisation in face of newest felony prices

Cayman News Service

Sandra Hill

(CNS): Sandra Hill, the owner of Cayman Marl Road, has accused police and prosecutors of victimisation after learning she is facing more criminal charges in the wake of her civil court battle with John Felder, a former long-time Cayman resident and business owner. Hill is set to be charged with blackmail and obstructing the course of justice, which, she told CNS, is based on an email she sent to Felder during a defamation case following directions from the judge in that matter.

Hill believes the charges are another attempt by the authorities in their persistent victimisation of her fuelled by a catalogue of conflicts she has had with law enforcement stretching back well over a decade.

Speaking to CNS, Hill said she is being charged over what she described as a “without prejudice” correspondence she sent to Felder in 2021, via his attorneys, after he sued her over things she had written on her website and said on her online show about the former car…