Holy Happy New Year, Batman And Batwoman – There’s A New Dynamic Duo In Town

Queen of Success and Chess King Team Up to Make 2012 Your Best Year Yet!

/EINPresswire.com/ ATLANTA, December 22, 2011 – Move over, Caped Crusader! Hit the cave Bat Woman! Make room for the real-life “Dynamic Duo!” Renowned entrepreneur and “Success Against the Odds” author, Vonda White is joining forces with Orrin “Checkmate” Hudson, author of “One Move At a Time” and two-time World Open Speed Chess Champion, to improve lives.

Together, White and Hudson, form a powerful team sharing their inspirational message with millions of people who are struggling to find their way in confusing and frustrating economic times. They have combined their expertise to offer a unique self-help guide that could be called the ultimate “gift that keeps on giving.”

The 2012 Success Planner and Web App,, originally developed by White as part of her self-help program, can be used in both personal and professional settings. She explains, “This is one of the best tools for teens, college students, and professionals of all ages, to dream big and to learn how to successfully achieve those dreams!”

Hudson, a 6-foot tall former soldier and Alabama state trooper who was born in the Birmingham inner city, towers over White – a petite blonde dynamo who hails from Boise, Idaho. This striking “odd couple” is intriguing and is reaching a vast audience! They are as different as they appear but have both discovered the same success principles that have allowed them to rise above their personal circumstances and overcome poverty. Now they want to share with others.

Hudson says, “Together we aim to ensure that youth, parents, and business professionals know they too can excel and beat the odds.” Their deep, powerful messages, particularly in these rough times, are designed to be uplifting and, as White explains, “to help everyone realize that 2012 can be YOUR year to succeed! Whether it’s prospering in this economy, landing or creating a job, living with purpose, accomplishing in school, triumphing in your career or in your life, our program can help you see clearly and guide you to reaching your goals and discovering what matters most.”

White’s book, Success Against the Odds ™ received the I-Universe Editor’s Choice and the Rising Star Awards. Success Against the Odds™ focuses on achieving success regardless of your circumstances. Pick it up at www.successagainsttheodds.com. It features several stories of amazing people including Debbie Fields, founder of Mrs. Fields Cookies, Rich De Vos of Amway, Brian Scudamore of 1-800-Got-Junk, and many others. White also tells her own story and gives readers solid advice on setting and reaching goals.

In 2000, “Checkmate” Hudson learned of an incident in which seven Wendy’s restaurant employees were shot, five fatally, for a mere $2,400. It was this tragic incident that inspired him to quit his job and use his life savings to found Be Someone, Inc., (www.BeSomeone.Org), an organization that uses the game of chess to teach successful life skills. “He’s got a way with kids that’s miraculous,” says actress and philanthropist Jane Fonda, who had Hudson give lessons to young people who were in her teen pregnancy-prevention campaign.

He has been featured on Good Morning America, CNN, and in People Magazine, among hosts of other television and radio programs. Raised in a housing project with 12 brothers and sisters, Hudson was struggling in school and stealing tires – until an English teacher, James Edge, took the 14-year-old aside and started teaching him chess to give him focus. Soon Hudson was playing college kids. “Chess changed my life,” recalls the father of five. “I learned every move you make has consequences.”

As a teacher, motivational speaker, and now an author of “One Move at a Time,” Hudson expertly weaves chess strategy with 20 important life lessons in a suitable read for all ages. He has taught more than 20,000 youth to have better focus and decision-making skills through the game of chess.

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