Home Care Provider Seniors Helping Seniors Co-Sponsors Alzheimer’s Fundraiser

06/08/2012 (press release: page1) // FORT COLLINS, Colo., USA // Linda Gabel

Seniors Helping Seniors, a leading home care provider company, recently co-sponsored the 12th Annual Art Auction at the Drake Center in Fort Collins on May 24, 2012. The art auction, named “Memories in the Making,” is an annual Alzheimer’s Association event. The event raised more than $70,000 dollars for the Association to provide education, counseling, a support groups to the nearly 72,000 Coloradans living with Alzheimer’s disease. Linda Gabel of Seniors Helping Seniors encourages those who have a loved one in need of care or living with dementia to, “Ask and take advantage of these resources so that you may enjoy and celebrate the sunset of life as much as the beginning of new life.” Funds are also allocated to support research and new treatments in an effort to eventually find a cure to the fatal disease.

Seniors Helping Seniors was the Exclusive Silent Auction Area sponsor and reported that the event was overall a great success. Fifty-five professionally-framed paintings created by individuals living with dementia and memory loss were available by live and silent auction. These 50 paintings were chosen out of a pool of 300 submissions. Several of the auctioned painters were paired with a similar painting done by a renowned local artist. Painting titles were developed by the artists with dementia, without the help of caregivers. Each piece also was also placed next to a story of the artist. The theme for the night consisted of 1920s Jazz Era attire.

Memories in the Making is an internationally known Alzheimer’s Association art program that gives those suffering dementia tangible means of expressions as well as artwork that can be judged on its own merit. This type of activity can also help caregivers of those living with Alzheimer’s. Often, those struggling with dementia are also struggling to preserve their own identity and dignity. The program meets once a week to develop pieces to be auctioned in the annual art program. Paintings are also used to produce a calendar and an art exhibit.

Even though Seniors Helping Seniors provides elderly home care, Alzheimer’s is also a disease that, despite common belief, can afflict all ages. The event also serves to increase Alzheimer’s awareness. Many individuals and their families living with the disease need the help of an elderly home care provider, additional caregivers and community-wide support.

The quality of elderly home care is extremely important to help negate symptoms of dementia, as over-stressed caregivers can complicate Alzheimer’s. Seniors Helping Seniors offers in home care that promotes freedom, provides for patient control of their treatment, allows for flexibility and personalization, and relieves the care giving burden on loved ones. For more information about Seniors Helping Seniors elderly home care services in northern Colorado, visit www.seniorshelpingseniors-noco.com or call 970-631-8251.

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