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10/19/2011 // Washington DC, District of Columbia, USA // Home Invasion // Nancy Rathbun Scott

HomeInvasionNews.com is a comprehensive website that explores the facts and factors regarding a vicious crime threatening homes across the USA.

Home invasion, far more troubling than simple breaking and entering, is an emerging category of crime that law enforcement, the courts, and the media are struggling to define.

Often involving deadly force, these invasions are committed by violent perpetrators who know — or don’t care — if you’re home when they strike. Home invaders don’t just steal. They assault, injure, and sometimes murder their victims.

HomeInvasionNews.com shines a light on this dark corner of society by creating a forum that:

• Tracks incidents. Because available statistics are often dated or misleading, HomeInvasionNews.com fact-checks the numbers to cut through exaggerated or sensationalized reports. This site presents a daily information roundup to help separate fact from fiction and hysteria from reality.

• Dispels myths. The Internet is brimming with reports from special interests that distort the truth about home invasion incidents. HomeInvasionNews.com strives to educate and inform without inciting fear.

• Follows trends. Our research has revealed fascinating trends about those most vulnerable to home invasion, the prescription drugs and valuables invaders are looking for, and even the tactics thugs use to force their way inside.

• Shares expert advice. The website features products and practices that can help residents secure their homes, whether they’re at home or away.

HomeInvasionNews.com explores key questions: How is home invasion different from other crimes? How often does it occur? And, most importantly, what can be done to prevent it?

Home Invasion News presents content based on research, curation, assimilation, evaluation, and commentary by Nancy Rathbun Scott. Nancy is a longtime brand journalist, writer, conceptualizer, researcher, and heavy blogger. For seven years she contributed bi-weekly articles on franchising to USA Today. Home Invasion News is Nancy’s effort to investigate — and bring impartial analysis to — a topic of concern to both the public and media, alike. Contact Nancy at nancy@homeinvasionnews.com.

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