Homeowners give again Miss Lassie work

Owners give back Miss Lassie paintings

One of Miss Lassie’s paintings returned to the Cayman Islands with Minister Bernie Bush (left)

(CNS): An American couple who bought several paintings from the artist Gladwyn K Bush, better known as Miss Lassie, more than 20 years ago have given the paintings back to the Cayman Islands. Lyle Lawson and Gordon Jaynes recently shipped the three pieces of culturally significant work to the Cayman National Cultural Foundation from London and the crate was opened at the Harquail Theatre on Saturday.

Culture Minister Bernie Bush opened the box to reveal Simeon and Jesus in the Synagogue (oil on glass), The History of Cayman, and Let There Be Light (oil on canvas), which will now form part of the National Collection and will be stored in a temperature-controlled room.

“I want to take this opportunity to give thanks to all concerned for the safe arrival and return home of what can only be described as three magnificent pieces of local art,” said Bush. “Such unique…