Horror’s newest monster is… Oatmeal?

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LOS ANGELES, CA — October 7, 2015 — There’s a new monster in town this Halloween. If you think you’ve seen it all, think again. The Oatmeal Man is a new horror film featuring, you guessed it, an oatmeal monster! Chock full of dirty humor, scantily-clad vixens, and gooey blood covered oatmeal. If you enjoy cheesy horror flicks and ridiculous plot lines, you’ll love The Oatmeal Man!





The movie originally started as a joke between brothers Sean and Jesse Gordon. “We were thinking of funny and stupid horror movie monsters one night and someone yelled out OATMEAL MAN! We laughed so hard and had no idea that 6 months later we’d be filming the thing”. -Jesse 

“It was an excellent way to learn about the film industry since we had both always wanted to make a movie one day. We figured we had nothing to lose with such a ridiculous title and premise. If people loved it, awesome! If they hated it, hey, it’s a film called The Oatmeal Man, how much can you really expect right?” -Sean

The brothers decided to make it their guinea pig and dive into filmmaking. There was no budget, just the brothers and some creative thinking. Sean cast his friends in almost every role and pulled favors for the rest of the departments. His friend Tom Devlin (Syfy’s Faceoff) agreed to create the oatmeal monster in exchange for music for his own movie. Sean was also fortunate to get some notable talent aboard such as Al Burke (The Wedding Singer), John Karyus (Poultrygeist), Jennifer Andrade (Miss Hondurus), Playboy’s Ann Gotti, Mindy Robinson (Pom Pom Kitty), and music by Youtube sensation Ronald Jenkees. The camera was borrowed, the sets were built in a single garage made up to look like different parts of a factory, and it was no-budget film making at it’s finest. After several years of finishing it in the brothers’ spare time, the movie finally released and is now available on DVD from their website. 

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If you enjoy cult movie monsters, half-naked girls, and dirty humor, you’ll definitely want to add this to your collection this Halloween! Think Clerks, meets The Hills Have Eyes, with Victoria’s Secret models. For more information, contact Sean at: sean@pulsarpictures.com


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Contact: Sean Gordon, sean@pulsarpictures.com 310-993-8461


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