Housing Market Rebound Coincides with Gains in Credit Repair Leads

05/22/2012 (press release: McClain Concepts) // Mission Viejo, CA, US // FindMyLeads.com

Although credit repair leads are still selling hot, the housing market had its strongest month in five years. For many people, though, this news means little, as many Americans and people around the world continue to fight their way out of debt to once again be able to enjoy the benefits of a good credit rating.

With the new data obtained by the National Association of Realtors, though, it appears as though the data is actually correct, showing that the home sales now are 10.5% better than a year ago. Credit repair leads have been selling like hotcakes upon signs that the housing market in the US has been in the process of recovery. Although signs have been pointing to that for awhile, data collected during the autumn and winter months is an inaccurate gauge, since many people are more reluctant to go house hunting in the biting cold.

Shockingly, aside from the influx of home-buyer credits which inflated the number of sales, April was the strongest month for the US housing market since before the crash of the economy in September of 2008. However, credit repair leads sales have indicated that there is still a long way to go before the celebration begins, since becoming a home buyer necessitates a good credit rating. What the numbers show, though, are that there are still a large number of people licking their wounds from the years of living hand to mouth.

The Commerce Department stated that there was an unadjusted 21% increase in the number of new single-family homes in April, which is all well and good, but if someone happens to be a part of the multitudes that make up the huge sales in credit repair leads still being sold, then it makes little difference that the National Association of Home Builders noticed their highest level of foot traffic from those looking to buy a new home in five years. For those people, it is certainly a light at the end of the tunnel, but the real benefits of such are still a ways away.

The improvement in the housing market, though, does show signs that the number of high-quality credit repair leads may be diminishing soon. After all, more people need to have good enough credit to be buying these homes in the first place. Furthermore, banks have been making improved efforts to break the war of attrition that has resulted from lenders being too tight with their purse strings, with some banks in Florida offering six-figure discounts on houses in that area due to a stale housing market. Regardless of those factors, though, higher numbers generally translates to higher consumer confidence, and that means a stronger economy and a stronger job market.

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