How Happy and Successful Are You?

07/03/2014 (press release: ElevatePR) // Phoenix, Arizona // Rebecca Brown

Renessa Boley Layne, CEO of Designer Life Unlimited sparks the life of those in pursuit of fulfillment and happiness by developing a test that measures a person’s pattern of actions and emotions as they pursue their most important goals. The online assessment quickly pinpoints why a person might be stalled in achieving their goals and conversely, why they may actually be achieving what they want yet fail to feel the excitement and enthusiasm they hoped they would in the process.

“I have spoken to and coached countless people and I’ve observed two major struggles,” exclaims Renessa. “Either people are struggling to get what they want – the career, business or maybe a personal goal – or they are wondering why they feel frustrated or unhappy in spite of making progress towards their goal. It happens for people at all walks of life.”

The Success & Happiness Test is a fun experience, and 12 simple questions give you full detailed report on what you’re doing right to achieve the personal or professional goals you want as well as what you’re doing terribly wrong! “There are two sides to the success and happiness equation,” remarks Renessa. “One part measures your ability to achieve what want – the body, the business, the bestselling book. The other is your ability to be happy as you do it! The Success & Happiness Test gives insight to both.”

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Renessa Boley Layne, widely known as America’s Life Designer is the CEO and founder of Designer Life Unlimited. Designer Life Unlimited helps people strategically design and launch the career or business they dream about. Renessa speaks at companies, associations and colleges to help audiences enjoy the highest levels of success and fulfillment possible. She has appeared as a leading authority on ABC, CBS, NBC and FOX TV affiliates across the country and has also been published in Career Builder,, Heart & Soul Magazine, and the Washington Post. To learn more about Renessa Boley Layne and Designer Life Unlimited, please visit her website at

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