How HSBC’s wealth chief suggests you defend your portfolio from inflation

How HSBC's wealth chief suggests you protect your portfolio from inflation


Hong Kong
CNN Business

People around the world are searching for ways to shield themselves from the impact of stubbornly high inflation, and the rich are no exception.

Nuno Matos, HSBC’s CEO of wealth and personal banking, told CNN Business that global investors were “not being as active as they used to be,” with many looking to sell off what they see as riskier bets and “buying more protection for their portfolios.”

“We see customers sitting a little bit in the sidelines,” Matos said in an interview on Monday, adding that many had turned to bonds as they search for some “stability.”

“There is one common element that all of them are very concerned [about],” he added.

Inflation is putting immense pressure on households worldwide as they grapple with higher costs of living, as well as squeezing the margins of many businesses. Economies are…