How Will Recent Twitter Platform Changes Affect Business Marketing?

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Twitter marketing tool developer SocialCentiv discusses three ways recent changes implemented by the top social network may impact business marketing.


Twitter recently announced changes made to the social network. Reports say the company renamed its Twitter Publisher Network the Twitter Audience Platform in addition to extending advertisements to mobile devices among other changes. The company says that the plan will expand the social networking giant’s reach to approximately 700 million users of mobile devices, both on and off the network.


Twitter stated on its blog of the changes “Last year, we launched the Twitter Publisher Network to help advertisers connect with audiences beyond Twitter in thousands of mobile apps while using our powerful measurement, targeting, and creative tools. Since then, we’ve continued to test it with customers, listened to their feedback, and gained valuable insights. Now we’re excited to announce significant expansions to the TPN, including a new name to better reflect the evolution of the product: Twitter Audience Platform – a simple and effective way for advertisers to reach over 700 million people on and off of Twitter.”


Does Change = Good for Business Marketers


“Whenever there is any type of change made to Twitter, it can potentially impact the millions of businesses that use the platform for marketing daily” according to Macy English of SocialCentiv. The Twitter marketing expert says that 500 million Tweets are mined on a daily basis by businesses looking to increase their engagement. Therefore, changes like those recently made can have a significant impact on the effectiveness of their strategy development for broadening their reach.


According to English, there are three key ways the aforementioned changes may impact business marketing. These include:


  • Easier access to promoting video views and Tweet engagement campaigns – Twitter states on its blog “You can now easily extend your Promoted Video and Tweet engagement campaigns to the Twitter Audience Platform with a single click. Many of the targeting signals used on Twitter such as interest, username, and keyword can be applied to your campaigns across mobile apps. As on Twitter, Promoted Videos on the Twitter Audience Platform can play automatically on a device with all video being 100% in-view.”

  • More creative ways for businesses to engage with audiences – The changes offer business marketers the opportunity to see their Promoted Tweets transformed into other advertising formats to extend the reach of their marketing messages.

  • Higher success with re-engagement efforts – As further stated by Twitter on its blog site “We’ve also added creative features to interstitials to help you extend your best content beyond Twitter. First, Twitter users can now Retweet and favorite directly from your Twitter Audience Platform ad. We’ve also added customizable call to action buttons to help you more efficiently drive your desired user action.”


Therefore to answer the question of whether change in this case is a good thing for business marketers seeking to expand their reach via the top social network, “the answer is definitely yes,” English says.


Other Tools for Increasing Twitter Marketing Engagement


For businesses that want additional support for their Twitter marketing efforts, proven effective tools like that designed by SocialCentiv can help them increase their engagement substantially. The tool combs through the masses of ongoing conversations on Twitter in real time and singles out those applicable to what businesses offer. More information about the platform as well as how to sign up for a free trial to try SocialCentiv can be found by visiting


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