Location-Aware App Answers the Burning Question: Where are My Friends?

07/25/2013 (press release: crundlof) // Houston, Texas, USA // Christer Rundlof

July 22, 2013, Houston, Texas – ZengMe is a new location-aware mobile app that is now available free for users on the Android platform. Through using Google Maps and XMPP technology, ZengMe offers the latest advancement in smartphone messaging. This innovative app enables texters to find out where their loved ones are when they send a message. ZengMe can be downloaded in the Google Play store at http://goo.gl/Ub5n1O.

When Android phone owners use ZengMe, the app offers them the unique ability to see where their friends, associates or family members are at the time when the text message is received. Once an individual has sent a message, he or she can then immediately see their location in real-time.

An easy to use Google Map conveniently reveals where your contacts are on the same screen as your messages appear. You can conveniently select the friends that you want to chat with in ZengMe’s “Select Contacts” screen. ZengMe can also be used for one-on-one or group chats. It also will automatically generate a buddy list.

ZengMe also offers versatility through its unique privacy features. Unlike many other apps, it will not broadcast the location in an ongoing manner. A user’s location is only revealed when he or she is in the chat room. Therefore, users can opt-out of the location features either by closing the chat room or simply not opening it.

ZengMe provides a variety of practical applications that are perfect for everyone from teenagers and college students to parents and their children. Developer Christer Rundlof explained the diversity of ways that ZengMe can be used, stating, “It’s perfect for those who are getting ready to hang out with friends and going to the movies, to dinner & drinks or the beach. They will always know exactly how close their friends are to the destination. Parents can use ZengMe to see if their kids are on their way home from school. Or if they are meeting up with their kids at a large gathering like a carnival or amusement park, it will be much easier to locate one another. You don’t need a large social network to benefit from using ZengMe. If you only know one person with the app, you will find the app useful.”

ZengMe is completely free to users and stores no personal data. It was also carefully designed to use minimal battery life, as the GPS only activates when the user is in a ZengMe chat room. The app works on Android 4+ and phones including HTC, Samsung Galaxy and Nexus.

In regards to the launch of ZengMe, Rundlof stated, “My goal was to create an app that was easy to use, simplistic, yet beneficial. I appreciate apps with one key feature and nothing more. In short, I try to make simple and useful apps geared toward helping consumers.”

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