DECEMBER 21st, 2012 – the Last Day of the Mayan Long-Count Calendar.

12/01/2012 (press release: JimFostino) // Goodyear, AZ, USA // Jim Fostino

Armageddon – Apocalypse – End Times – Revelation – Doomsday … different words to describe the same event. What will happen when Dec. 21st rolls around?

Will the 26,000 year cosmic alignment lead to our immediate and total destruction? Or will mankind find itself subjected to an even slower and more insidious fate?

Highly acclaimed author Johann David Renner writes: “This is what good Sci-Fi is all about: to give credibility to the impossible. This is a book for people who understand Science Fiction, who are able to appreciate the immense creativity that went into the writing of this novel.”

Renowned author Katy Miller writes: “This book was nothing less than a stunning masterpiece in its genre. Bound to be a classic. The front cover is indicative of the genius buried within the pages of this book.”

One thing is certain, come December 22nd, the Mayan’s will either be looked upon as mankind’s greatest prophets, or merely a sadistic and misguided civilization obsessed with astrology and time. Watch the 2 minute video trailer, then embark upon a journey through … ‘The Eleventh Universe’.

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