Chouinard Bros Shares the Secrets of Choosing an Entry Door for Your Home

11/25/2012 (press release: nvisionsolutions) // Aurora, Ontario, Canada // Michelle Chouinard

With the snow in Canada hitting new degrees, it is becoming imperative to have strong and durable entry doors in homes. Many Canadian houses need strong doors to sustain under extreme climatic conditions without wearing out.

Chouinard Bros understands the value of providing high quality entry door installation services and durable doors for homes that need to survive the constant cold weather in Canada. In such conditions, the energy efficiency in the house is important.

According to Michelle Chouinard, owner at Chouinard Brothers, “A strong and stylish door that compliments the house has the best curb appeal, is energy efficient and comes at very reasonable price. People want a secure home with a good deal and we at Chouinard offer that to our customers. Our package gives them satisfaction and increases the durability of the house. We have been serving our customers for 40 years and we feel that customers need to be aware of the choices available to them. Our clientele has increased three-fold as we are constantly providing the best service. Customers know they are getting world class service when they come to Chouinard Bros.”

An entry door is the point where guests are welcomed anybody into the house. Therefore, it must be impressive and should complement the house. The material for an entry door comes in three types – wood, composite of fiberglass as well as steel.

Wood doors that have wood veneer skins layered over a wood core, reduces warping and is economical. Natural wood is popular but requires high maintenance. Wood doors with sturdy stains and towering glass finishes offer resistance against weather conditions and provide the maximum protection.

Amalgamated fiberglass doors are hardy and are durable in harsh and humid climates. These doors are tough, hardly need maintenance and are long lasting. Amalgamated fiberglass doors supported with foam core provide great insulation in homes.

Known for its great insulation value, steel doors are most cost-effective material for entry doors. Steel doors suffer dents easily and require periodic repairs. Using an easy to use repair kit can help fix the minor damages.

Chouinard Brothers provides excellent roofing solutions, entry door installation, entry door repairs, as well as roofing systems. With a track record of 40 years, Chouinard provides labour warranty for upto 10 years, has computerized metal shops for faster delivery and provides financing options to its customers. The company also takes steps to be socially responsible towards the environment. As a result, Chouinard sponsors children’s sports teams throughout the Greater Toronto area. Chouinard Brothers can be reached at 905-479-8300 or 1-800-521-3229 via telephone or through e-mail:

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