Import regs modified to handle cement scarcity

Cayman News Service

Deputy Premier Chris Saunders

(CNS): Government has amended the regulations surrounding the limits on cement importation to address an acute shortage, which is fuelled by the continued commercial construction in Cayman as well as global supply chain problems. Colombia, Cuba and Panama have now been cleared as authorised countries where the cement can be sourced. Customs and Border Control confirmed to CNS that several years ago the Cayman Islands introduced a ban on imports for certain countries “based on risk assessments relating to smuggling”. But with the amendments passed by the new government, customs officials said that they, in conjunction with other local enforcement agencies, will ensure that robust inspection and monitoring mechanisms are established to check cement importation from new markets.

The Customs and Border Control (Prohibited Goods) (Amendment) Order, 2021 came into effect on 14 July, adding the three new markets. Deputy Premier and Finance…