Imran Khan: Former Pakistan chief marks courtroom presence as supporters conflict with police

Imran Khan: Former Pakistan leader marks court presence as supporters clash with police


Islamabad, Pakistan

Pakistan’s former Prime Minister Imran Khan marked his presence at a much-awaited court appearance on Saturday in the capital city of Islamabad, leaving after the scheduled proceedings.

Clashes between supporters of Khan and the police broke out in Islamabad as Khan attempted to enter the capital’s High Court. Clashes also broke out in the city of Lahore.

An arrest warrant for Khan was issued on Monday, requiring him to present before the court on Saturday. Following a week of clashes across the country, all arrest warrants against Khan had been suspended on Friday after Khan had made a commitment that he would appear in court.

On Saturday, capital authorities imposed an order that makes any gathering of more than four people an illegal offense. Khan left the city of Lahore early Saturday morning to reach Islamabad by road. He traveled with a…