In-Store Audio Network Featured On Path To Purchase At ARF Re!Think Conference

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In-Store Audio Network featured as “crucial” advertising on Path to Purchase at ARF Re!Think 2016 Conference

In-Store Audio Network (“ISAN”) has been eager to disseminate the findings presented at Advertising Research Foundation (ARF) conference back on March 15, 2016, in New York. At that conference, the measurable benefits of in-store advertising were touted by a number of speakers, including Demos Ioannou, Principal at DCI Consulting, LLC. His presentation was titled “Snake Oil: Still Available to 2016 Marketers!” Recognizing that mobile/digital advertising is gobbling up the budgets of grocery manufacturer’s marketing budgets, the case was made that in-store advertising works, while new advertising vehicles are still trying to prove their validity. Far from being “snake oil” – and unlike many other forms of traditional and digital media — ISAN can prove the efficacy of their in-store messaging.

“The phrase ‘snake oil’ conjures up images of seedy profiteers trying to exploit an unsuspecting public by selling it fake cures. Unwittingly, many unsuspecting marketers have fallen prey to exaggerated claims and shaky research from the providers of digital and mobile advertising,” said Ioannou. He continued, “Have you ever really clicked through an advertisement for a grocery item? It is especially annoying, and I can’t close it fast enough. While anecdotal, my statements are borne out by a recent AdAge article that said 50% of millennials use ad-blockers on their hand-held mobile devices.”

As an alternative to the “snake oil,” ISAN attempts to use clear analytics by obtaining Nielsen store-level data to create matched panel analyses. Gary Seem, CEO of ISAN states, “Isolating a group of stores and comparing them to a control group is a time-tested method for measuring differences between stores that use audio commercials played right at the point-of-purchase versus the control stores where no message aired. Bigger CPGs have begun to rely on marketing mix models alone, and that’s too bad because that method doesn’t capture all advertising vehicles, like ISAN, especially when they run concurrently with TV, broadcast radio or online advertising campaigns.”

The matched panel testing, along with audience research from Edison Research and shopper-level data analyses that ISAN has performed, was highlighted at the ARF conference. The ARF ReThink! A conference is where information providers and manufacturers gather to share research and allow companies to properly measure advertising vehicles, even when some advertising vehicles show contradictory results. On the Path to Purchase, ISAN provides advertising at the point of purchase, the crucial last step.

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About the InStore Audio Network

The InStore Audio Network is the largest in-store audio advertising provider in the United States and delivers commercial audio messages to shoppers in over 23,000 groceries, drug, convenience and mass merchandiser stores. The InStore Audio Network provides music programming and equipment, retail specific messaging and third-party ad sales to retailers such as Kroger, Albertsons, Ahold, Southeastern Grocers, CVS, Wegmans, Rite Aid and Food Lion. By reaching consumers at the point-of-purchase in a captive media environment with a compelling audio message, the InStore Audio Network is heard by over 110 million shoppers per week and delivers proven sales lift for participating advertisers. The InStore Audio Network has corporate offices in Princeton, NJ and is headed by Jeffrey Shapiro, Chairman and Gary Seem, President/CEO.


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