In Support of Earth Day, Cyrusher Offers an E-bike sale plan for Cycling Enthusi… – Press Release


LOGAN, Utah, April 21, 2023 /PRNewswire/ — Cyrusher, a reputable e-bike manufacturer, has always been committed to the preservation and development of the environment. E-bikes provide a reliable means of travel for people to reduce their carbon footprint. In support of Earth Day, Cyrusher e-bikes are offering an E-bike sale plan with many models to provide people with a more economical means of green travel and encourage more people to participate in environmental activities to ride for a greener planet.

“The Earth’s environment is closely linked to our survival as human beings. As a company that provides people with personal mobility, Cyrusher is taking the lead in encouraging people to get involved in cycling and reducing society’s carbon footprint. Cyrusher will always uphold sustainability initiatives as a guideline for the company to move forward and continue to make a positive impact on the green development of society.” says Harry Xie, the CEO of the Cyrusher electric bike.

World Earth Day

Set on 22 April each year, World Earth Day has become a significant event calling for and advocating environmental awareness. It is currently observed in more than 190 countries and territories worldwide. The establishment of Earth Day brings together society, businesses, and individuals to address environmental issues and speak out for the planet. The Earth Day theme has led to the development of environmental laws and regulations to protect the planet, as well as to the implementation of more ecological initiatives.

The Earth Crisis

Environmental protection has become an urgent international issue, with global warming, frequent crustal movements, and extreme weather events affecting the productive activities of human beings. The sustainability of the planet’s ecosystem is nevertheless impacted by frequent human activity and the rise in society’s carbon footprint. The only option to slow the deterioration of the ecosystem is to strictly restrict carbon emissions since…