India and Bangladesh: Heavy rain, floods and lightning go away dozens lifeless

India and Bangladesh: Heavy rain, floods and lightning leave dozens dead

Northeastern India and northern Bangladesh have been particularly badly hit by severe weather, which has prompted some of the worst flooding in the region in years and left some towns cut off.

A lightning strike killed 17 people on Saturday in the northeastern Indian state of Bihar, according to its Chief Minister, Nitish Kumar.

In the state of Meghalaya, which borders Bangladesh to the south, at least 24 people have died since June 9 and three are missing, according to R. Lyngdoh, a senior official in Meghalaya’s State Disaster Management Authority.

More than 633,000 people have been affected by the floods, and the state’s Disaster Management Authority will conduct airdrops of essential commodities for certain districts that are cut off by road, Lyngdoh added.

In the neighboring state of Assam, at least nine people died and eight people were missing as of Sunday evening, according to the state disaster management authority, which is operating 1,147 relief camps housing 186,424…