Indianapolis Selected as Host Site for Artificial Intelligence Bootcamp – APPLIC… – Press Release


INDIANAPOLIS, April 28, 2023 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) — Corteva will host a Mark Cuban Foundation Artificial Intelligence (AI) Bootcamp for high school students at No-Cost for a 2nd time in the Fall of 2023. The AI Bootcamp in Indianapolis will be targeted at underserved high school students (9th-12th grade) and will introduce these high school students to basic AI concepts and skills.

Corteva is one of 28+ host companies selected to host camps across the US in Fall 2023.

The Corteva Bootcamp will be held over four consecutive Saturdays starting on October 14th and ending on November 4th .The bootcamp will run each Saturday from 2-6pm ET and if accepted, high school students must commit to attending all 4 sessions.

The student and parent application are now open at Students do not need any prior experience with computer science, programming, or robotics to apply and attend.

With AI being a relevant topic on many news sources, students will learn what artificial intelligence is and is not, where they already interact with AI in their own lives, and the ethical implications of AI systems including but not limited to TikTok recommendations, smart home assistants, facial recognition, and self-driving cars to name a few. Participants will also learn how Large Language Models like ChatGPT are changing life as we know it by answering questions, telling original stories, and even writing computer code.

Students will benefit from volunteer corporate mentor instructors who are knowledgeable about AI, ML and data science and able to help students quickly understand material normally taught at a collegiate level. As part of the 4-hour curriculum, students will work with open source tools each day to build their own AI applications related to Computer Vision, Machine Learning, Natural Language Processing and Generative AI.

The Mark Cuban Foundation provides the bootcamp’s curriculum materials, trains corporate volunteer mentors, and recruits and scores…