Indigo Ag’s Proven Scope 3 Solution on Track to Double Its Impact in 2024 – Press Release

Company Delivers More Than 10 Million Bushels of Sustainably Grown Grain, Helping Companies Meet Climate Commitments 

BOSTON, May 22, 2023 /PRNewswire/ — Indigo Ag, the premier sustainability partner of the agriculture industry, is using its proprietary measurement, reporting and verification (MRV) capabilities to help consumer goods companies measure and reduce their Scope 3 emissions and water use through their agricultural supply chain.  

Through its Market+ Source (Scope 3) program, Indigo connects consumer goods companies to sustainably grown crops within their existing supply chain. Indigo partners with agribusinesses to support farmers in adopting sustainable practices, the results of which are quantified through Indigo’s MRV capabilities. The company has had success working with multibillion dollar companies over the last few seasons to deliver more than 10 million bushels of sustainably grown grains, reducing emissions by nearly 15,000 metric tons and saving 6.6 billion gallons of water – enough to sustain 13 million people for a year.  An additional 13 million bushels have been contracted to be delivered in 2024. Indigo has secured farmer premiums of up to 10% for sustainably grown crops with minimal impact to the price of finished goods.  

For The North Face and other VF Corporation brands, Indigo used its MRV capabilities to deliver more than 31,000 bales of sustainably grown cotton.  

“We are excited about the positive environmental impacts regenerative cotton production can have not only for The North Face products, but for our industry as a whole,” said Carol Shu, senior manager of global sustainability for The North Face. “Regenerative agriculture-sourced materials have the ability to shift the industry from simply ‘doing less harm’ to actually replenishing or having a positive impact on nature and resources. As a brand that is committed to protecting the outdoor places we love to play in, we believe this is another critical step in…