Indonesia encourages ASEAN-EU partnership conducted based on equality – Press Release

JAKARTA, Dec 18, 2022 – (ACN Newswire) – Indonesian President Joko Widodo attended the 45th ASEAN-European Union (EU) Commemorative Summit held in Brussels, Belgium on Wednesday (December 14).

In his remarks at the Summit, President Jokowi stressed that the partnership between ASEAN and the European Union countries must be based on equality and there should be no coercion. “If we want to build a better partnership, that partnership must be based on equality and without coercion. There can no longer be parties who always dictate and think that their standard is better than others,” he stated. Jokowi said that the 45 years of ASEAN and the European Union partnership had produced some good results.

However, he also acknowledged that not all partnerships can always be good so that some differences must be resolved to create a good one. Therefore, Jokowi asked member countries of the European Union to be able to partner in equality with ASEAN countries.

President Widodo had encouraged that the good relation and economic cooperation between the two regional organizations and all countries in the two regions must continue to be strengthened.

Earlier, he also stated that Indonesia has always encouraged closer cooperation between ASEAN and the EU, who has been an important trading partner of ASEAN. “The trade value between ASEAN and the European Union in 2021 reached US$268.9 billion. The value is the third largest after China and the United States,” he said.

Apart from trade, Jokowi also mentioned that the European Union also plays an important role in foreign direct investment in ASEAN region, with an investment value of up to US$26 billion in 2021, which is the second largest investment after China. Vice versa, ASEAN is an increasingly important partner for the EU given the region’s steady economic growth.

For decades, ASEAN has become an economic powerhouse that offers mutually beneficial cooperation since it has the productivity advantage from each country in the region….