Indonesian Criminal Code won’t harm investment – Press Release

JAKARTA, Dec 12, 2022 – (ACN Newswire) – The dissemination team spokesperson of the Draft Law on Criminal Code (RKUHP) Albert Aries clarified the fundamentally misleading news related to the adultery article, which is considered to harm Indonesia’s tourism and investment sectors.

“The adultery article in the new Criminal Code that takes effect three years after its stipulation is an absolute criminal complaint. This means that only the husband or wife (for those bound by marriage) or the parents or children (for those not bound by marriage) can make a complaint. No one else can report or take the law into their own hands. There will be no legal process without a complaint from the entitled and directly harmed parties,” Aries said in his statement on Thursday (Dec 8).

The articles of the Criminal Code that have recently attracted the attention of foreign tourists, including investors, are Article 411 concerning adultery, Article 412 concerning live-in relationships, and Article 424 concerning drinks and intoxicants.

Minister of Tourism and Creative Economy, Sandiaga Uno, has said he believes the newly passed Criminal Code (KUHP), specifically its provisions on live-in relationships, will not affect tourism and creative economy investment in Indonesia. “I am very confident that we can get US$68 billion (in foreign investment), and we can create 2 million jobs in this sector. But, of course, we need support,” he informed here on Saturday (Dec 10).

According to Uno, investors need legal opinion before investing in Indonesia. The legal opinion must give confidence in safe. Uno added that the ministry will still need support and assistance in terms of legal certainty to convince investors to invest.

Upholds Human Rights

Aries also stated that it is not true that Indonesia’s Criminal Code is not following human rights. “We certainly respect United Nations (UN) concern on equality, privacy, religious liberty, and journalism issues. On that basis, the criminal code regulates…