Indonesia’s Bio Farma ready to produce ‘IndoVac’ Covid-19 vaccines – Press Release

Global markets in view for the shariah-compliant IndoVac vaccine brand

BANDUNG, INDONESIA, Sept 12, 2022 – (ACN Newswire) – PT Bio Farma, the holding company for state-owned pharmaceutical companies in Indonesia, announced a new milestone in manufacturing IndoVac, its Covid-19 vaccines brand, which includes primary series vaccines, booster vaccines and vaccines for children, in development since November 2021.

IndoVac Covid-19 vaccine in production at PT Bio Farma’s facilities near Bandung, Indonesia PT

Honesti Baasyir, President Director of Bio Farma, said the company collaborated with Baylor College of Medicine, a private, independent health sciences centre in Houston, Texas to develop IndoVac, a recombinant protein subunit vaccine produced from yeast.

According to Honesti, “IndoVac uses vaccine technology platforms which are compatible with our equipment and facilities. The technology platforms for protein recombinant vaccines also offer other benefits; they can be adapted to new strains of Covid-19.

“Results from primary series Phase 1 and Phase 2 clinical trials show that IndoVac vaccines offer quality safety and efficacy, no less competitive than other Covid-19 vaccines. Now we are completing documentation to wrap up Phase 3.”

Honesti said Bio Farma has had intense communication with the Indonesian Food and Drug Administration (BPOM) since July to provide necessary Phase 3 primary series data, so the BPOM can release an Emergency Use Authorization (EUA) permit for the vaccine. The EUA is the permit for medical supplies, including vaccines and medications, used during a public health emergency.

In Indonesia, BPOM plays the key role as a regulatory gatekeeper of medicines and vaccines used in the country. BPOM’s head Penny K. Lukito, during a hearing at the Indonesian House of Representatives, said that the regulator expects to release the EUA for IndoVac’s primary series vaccines in mid-September.

Shariah Compliance

Bio Farma has also processed the Halal (or Shariah…