Industry-leading Private Label Soap Manufacturers, SFIC Corporation, Launches New Exfoliating Soap

/ Corporation, one of the leading private label soap manufacturers in the U.S., announces a new oatmeal melt and pour soap base for customers who make exfoliating soap products.

Industry-leading soap manufacturer, SFIC Corporation, announces the launch of their latest product offering for custom soap companies who handcraft and sell exfoliating soap products: oatmeal melt and pour soap base. Featuring a large percentage of finely ground oatmeal in each bar, SFIC Corporation specially formulates this exfoliating soap base to gently slough off dry, dead skin to promote healing and rejuvenation.

“As with all of our products, our new exfoliating soap base is made using the finest ingredients and it doesn’t contain any fillers or adulterants,” said Jennee Ryerson, spokesperson for SFIC Corporation.

As with the rest of SFIC Corporation’s products, the exfoliating oatmeal soap base is sold in bulk by the case. Each case of the private label soap manufacturer’s melt and pour soap base blocks contains 36 one-pound units.

As one of the leading private label soap manufacturers in the soap industry, SFIC Corporation manufactures melt and pour soap bases, liquid soap products and crystal glycerin soap bars and sells them in bulk to spas, hotels and other establishments. Additionally, the company sells products to small businesses that make and sell unique custom soaps.

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About SFIC Corporation:
SFIC Corporation has been manufacturing luxury soap products since 1967. As private label soap manufacturers, they cater to commercial customers who make specialty soap products. Their extensive selection of exfoliating soap bars, natural soap bar options and custom soap orders has earned them the loyalty of thousands of satisfied customers.

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SFIC Corporation
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