Announces Significant Product Line Expansion

/ Award winning rapid fire modded controller product line undergoes sizable growth in response to gaming community feedback and increased custom controller manufacturing capacity., the company behind such innovations as the DIY IntensaFire Rapid Fire Mod kit, Customizable Controller Mods and Black Ops 2 Rapid Fire Controllers is introducing the next step in its continued growth cycle with the introduction of cutting edge and never-seen-before controller styles and features.

In response to consumer demand and a reflection of significant investment in research, development and design team expansion, is proud to introduce its newest and most innovative products to date. Breathtaking styling and never before seen in the industry features set these modded controllers apart from any others on the market today and in the future.

These new and updated controller mods have been developed for the most discernible of custom modded controller buyers today and have been optimized for unmatched performance with today’s hottest game titles included Call of Duty: Black Ops 2, Gears of War Judgment, Battlefield 3 and Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3.

Black Chrome Modded Controller
Xbox 360 custom modded controller fans have been clamoring for years for a Black Chrome Modded Controller, informally referred to as ‘Gun Metal.‘ Xbox gamers’ PS3 brethren have enjoyed the always popular PS3 Gunmetal edition for years now and this product introduction closes this disparity gap for PS3 and Xbox 360 fans alike. This one-of-a-kind controller features a custom black chrome finish accented magnificently with majestic Black-out Custom buttons. The intimidating Black Chrome styling has been known to strike fear into the hearts of all gaming challengers as the Black Chrome gamer stands out as a gamer that is all business.

Purple Chrome Modded Controller
This unique controller style and color signifies a culmination of solicited customer feedback and surveys. The Purple Controller has been described by some users as both crimson and violet, based on perspective. Purple has long been a symbol of nobility and royalty throughout the ages. From the Byzantine era to The Renaissance and now to the battlegrounds of Black Ops 2 and Battlefield 3, this Purple Modded Controller gives gamers that extra edge and features they need, making them gaming royalty. This incomparable controller comes standard with Blue Chrome buttons and triggers that perfectly accent the crimson tones of the controller shell.

Black Ops 2 Replacer Edition
Ever since Treyarch and Activision introduced gamers and non-gamers alike to their immensely popular ‘The Replacers’ series people have been enthralled with the antics of these life obligations fill ins. The viral Internet meme of the Replacers has now been translated into a stylized Replacer Edition Black Ops 2 themed modded controller.

This custom rapid fire controller features the highly coveted HS Master Mod 3.1 Upgrade, which includes more than 12 rapid fire user modes including Rapid Fire, Jitter Burst Fire, DropShot, Sniper Breath, Auto Run and Auto Spot. The Black Ops 2 Replacer Edition also features a brilliant orange center Guide Button LED ring that perfectly matches the orange frequently used as an accent color by The Replacers themselves. While The Replacers have gamers covered by filling in with their boss, their wife and their family, IntensaFireStore has gamers covered by offering the brilliantly themed exclusive Black Ops 2 Replacer Edition controller.

PS3 Black Ops II Special Edition Controller
In recognition of the reach and breadth of the Black Ops 2 franchise on both the Xbox 360 and PS3 consoles, introduces its PS3 version of the Black Ops II Special Edition Controller. This alluring controller’s majestic black and radiant orange offer users an eye popping, stand out controller that is optimized for the hottest video game franchise ever. This controller comes complete with 11 plus modes of IntensaFire rapid fire operations including the much maligned Sniper Double Tap, Jitter Fire, Auto-Tagging and a complete user customizable programming mode that offers users limitless customizable rates of fire.

The recent editions to the controller mod lineup offers users features they’ve been clamoring for with the stunning styling and finish that sets them apart from all other gamers.

About Us: provides customizable rapid fire, modded controllers for the Xbox and PlayStation 3. stands by their products, and offers a free six month warranty on all of their controllers, which is 90 days longer than the competition. Modded controllers improve gaming effectiveness while allowing gamers to design a custom controller in a variety of colors. controllers and DIY kits have been sold throughout the U.S.

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