Internet Ethics Corp Provides Online Crisis Management Services for Corporations

03/28/2012 // New York, New York, U.S.A. // Mandrien_Consulting // Randall Sullivan

New York-based reputation management firm Internet Ethics Corp now offers top quality crisis management services. These reputation management services are geared toward organizations that are preparing for the possibility of negative content about them suddenly gaining visibility online. In addition to providing fast assistance to companies that need time-sensitive reputation management, Internet Ethics Corp also provides training and seminars that help organizations learn how to cope in real time with sudden threats to their online reputation.

Internet Ethics Corp, which provides reputation management and SEO services to individuals and organizations of all kinds, is excited to branch out to this specialized service. Randy Sullivan, director of advanced internet strategies, states, “Just as a broken machine in a factory can cost a company thousands of dollars a minute, so a tarnished reputation can cause swift, substantial losses. All companies should have a game plan for this eventuality. Internet Ethics not only offers programs teaching our clients immediate steps they can take to neutralize a future online reputation crisis, but we also provide a service in which we step in on short notice and defuse the crisis ourselves.”

Internet Ethics Corp can address such “organic” crises as the recent publication of a damaging news article as well as concerted negative campaigns launched by competitors or other parties who stand to profit from the loss of an organization’s reputation. Experts in the field are noticing an increasingly pervasive trend called “negative SEO,” which is the use of search engine optimization techniques to increase the visibility of damaging information about a person or organization. These electronic smear campaigns can be fatal to the victim’s success. As more and more users turn to the internet when researching current or potential brands with whom they might engage, maintaining a pristine online image—at all hours of the day and night—has become a priority in the minds of companies across all sectors.

Internet Ethics, which focuses on both individual and business reputation management, began offering its crisis service because of a high volume of demand from current clients, who wanted a method of recourse if they needed to enact a fast reputation management campaign in response to a new reputation threat. Randy Sullivan explains, “Online and offline, the key to handling a reputation crisis is to act quickly. We are proud to be able to help our clients do just that. Not only do we provide the peace of mind that comes with a sure strategy, but we also save them from the losses they would suffer as the result of a potential reputation crisis.”

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