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01/14/2015 (press release: MonaghanComms) // Tyler Kincaid


“When was the last time someone said something

that was cruel and unkind to you?”

The Peace and Love Train carries its young readers on a journey of eight fictional children, who are bullied because they are different: Jimmy is developmentally disabled; Suzi walks with braces on her legs; Tommy is big for his age; Rudy is dark-skinned; Kim wears thick eye glasses; Carmen has trouble speaking; Bobby likes the color pink and cherishes his Barbie doll, and Cindy loves playing with pick-up trucks.

Then something wonderful happens! One day Little Jimmy stops caring what others think and starts embracing what makes him special. The other children also discover feeling joy in who they are. Each of them discovers the beauty and gifts that come from being unique. They grow to love themselves, which in turn makes those around them more accepting, kind and compassionate. 

Inspired by the lessons she learned from growing up with a developmentally disabled brother (who was her inspiration for Little Jimmy in the story), Tyler Rose Kincaid, in collaboration with 12-year-old granddaughter Kiley Sage Kincaid, created and self-published The Peace and Love Train to remind us that no one is better than another. Each of us is special in our own way, and bullying others because they are not like us is never okay.

This colorfully illustrated book is a wonderful resource for parents to read aloud with their children, or for children to read again and again for inspiration.  With a thoughtful

“Question Guide” to facilitate open and honest conversation, as well as room for “Conductor’s Notes” for journaling in the back of the book, The Peace and Love Train shows us how our own attitudes can help us overcome bullying, while reminding us that no one of us is alike, but each of us brings something unique to the world, have the same desire for love and friendship, and are all working towards living happy and fulfilling lives.  The authors ask us all to become, “Conductors of Peace and Love.”


About the Author

As the only girl in a family of four children, Tyler Rose Kincaid learned the difference between roughhousing and “playing mean” early on. Growing up with a developmentally disabled brother, Tyler saw firsthand how disturbingly common bullying was and how such thoughtlessness could deeply wound another.

Inspired by this experience, Tyler and her 12-year-old granddaughter, Kiley Sage Kincaid collaborated on The Peace and Love Train. Tyler recognizes that the children are our future, and by teaching them to value others at a young age they will, in turn, plant the seeds for future generations, so we may insure a peaceful existence on Planet Earth.

Tyler is the mother of two sons and calls the enchanting southwestern United States home. For more information, visit

About the Artist

Deanna Williams is a self-taught artist with a whimsical, vibrant style.

She especially loves creating magical paintings for children. Fairies, angels, mermaids, puppies and kittens are her favorite images to paint. She wrote and illustrated, Mr. Now’s Magnificent Moment.  She currently lives in The Mystical Woods with her hubby of 19 years, her sweet daughter and 4 happy pets.

Her website is


The Peace and Love Train

ISBN: 978-0-9903529-1-4

LCCN: 2014916939


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