InvestNext is Powering Tomorrow’s Real Estate Deals with an Innovative Investmen… – Press Release


Detroit, Michigan, May 14, 2022 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) — For real estate investment syndications and firms, guiding investors through the entire investment cycle can be a full-time job in itself. From raising capital to communicating achievement milestones and tracking often-complex distributions, the traditional methods of real estate investment no longer fit with the speed and agility required in the digital age.

InvestNext is empowering the next generation of investors with an all-in-one platform that simplifies and streamlines the investment cycle, generating greater trust and transparency for investment firms while allowing investors new opportunities to fund important projects.

As Director of Growth Operations Lucas Traikoff explains, InvestNext is the ideal platform for real estate investment firms who want to interact and communicate with their investors in one convenient location.

“Somebody might want to buy, let’s say, a 200-unit apartment complex that costs $15 million,” Traikoff says. “They are putting 30% down and want to raise the other 70% within their investor network. Investors can login to their portal, sign legal documents, and fund their investment in a single, guided workflow.”

InvestNext makes it possible not only for investors to join key projects, but for investment firms to communicate progress with them in one easy location. InvestNext also automates complex waterfall distributions, making it easier than ever to move through the investment cycle while saving firms valuable time and resources.

It is a real estate investment platform that moves beyond traditional models, providing added features and benefits that have previously been unavailable. 

“One thing we offer is accreditation services, which means people can come in and not only prove that they are SEC-verified to invest in larger entities, but we can also take people through the accreditation process within our platform,” Traikoff says.

“Another thing that stands out about us is we…