Invisco Announces Round Cube Core Grilles

07/03/2014 (press release: kurtshafer) // Temecula, CA, USA // Kurt Shafer

Invisco Whole House Fan Company has just created and has a patent pending on round cube core grilles with a thin shiny white plastic frame for the ultimate look in a home or office. Cube core grilles are typically done with 1/2 inch square openings and very thin edges so that air flow is maximized and air resistance is minimized. The grille itself is typically 1/2 inch thick.

The Invisco design avoids the common mounting problems that might be caused when using screws into drywall and instead uses a thin aluminum ring with #6-32 rivet nuts at 4 locations around the perimeter that is installed just over the hole cut in a ceiling. The cube core grille fits into the hole and the attractive thin white frame attaches just under the hole to hide the edge of the hole and to sandwich the grille in place.

This design allows round duct collars and dampers to sit on top of the thin plate for a perfect transition from round frame to round duct. This eliminates the need for adapter boxes to transition from square or rectangular frames to round duct.

All of the parts are precision cut by water jet for tight tolerance assembly. The mounting screws have white painted tops and are countersunk into the frame.

Sizes available are any size up to 36 inches diameter. Standard sizes that are in stock now are 12, 14, 16,18 and 20 inch diameter. The diameter is the size of the hole and the cube core grille. The frame size is 1 inch smaller diameter inside and 3 inches larger diameter outside. So, for example, the 12 inch product has a frame that is 11 inches inside diameter and 15 inches outside diameter.

Prices for one unit start at $25 for the 12 inch. Volume discounts are available.

For more information call Kurt Shafer at 951 296 3611

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