ironSource Celebrates Two Billion Downloads in Two Years for Publishing Solution… – Press Release


Supersonic is one of the leading hyper-casual game publishers worldwide, with a focus on productizing the publishing process, creating a transparent solution and empowering developers with knowledge.

ironSource IS, a leading business platform for the App Economy, celebrates two billion downloads in the two years since launching its Publishing Solution Supersonic in February 2020. During this time, over fifty games have been published through the Supersonic solution, with over thirty reaching the top ten in the US, resulting in two billion downloads. Most recently, Color Match was the second most downloaded game in the App Store, worldwide, in Q1 2022. This success has been achieved through a unique focus on productizing the publishing process, creating a more automated, transparent and seamless path to support the growth and profitability for published games.

“With Supersonic we have been able to grow our game to the highest scale,” says Nebih Başaran, CEO and Founder at Garawell Games. “Our commitment to innovation and product quality coincides with Supersonic’s vision fully. They are like an extension to our team, who are always in reach and willing to help with any issues. As a studio, we can confidently say that Supersonic is one of the best hyper-casual publishing solutions around.”

This focus on productizing the publishing process has been illustrated by a wide variety of new products launched over the last two years, including:

● a Prototyping solution giving visibility and transparency into marketability test results often not shared with developers

● the Wisdom SDK offering advanced tools to help developers get their game ready for a soft launch

● LiveGames, helping developers maximize a game’s post-launch potential with all the data needed to keep optimizing for profitability and user engagement

“I’m incredibly proud of where we’ve come in just two years. We’ve gone from publishing 19 games in 2020, to 26 in 2021, and last year one of…