Israeli police say two males shot close to Jewish tomb in Jerusalem in suspected ‘terror assault’

Israeli police say two men shot near Jewish tomb in Jerusalem in suspected 'terror attack'


Two men have been wounded in what Israeli police say was a suspected “terror attack” that took place near the Shimon Hatzadik tomb in East Jerusalem early Tuesday local time.

A police statement said the force received a report of a shooting at a vehicle in the area of Shimon Hatzadik, which is located in East Jerusalem where tensions between Palestinians and Jewish settlers have been simmering in recent years.

The Shimon Hatzadik tomb is a revered holy site in Judaism located in the largely Palestinian neighborhood of Sheikh Jarrah in East Jerusalem.

Two people were “moderately injured,” according to medical officials and were transferred for further medical treatment, the police statement added.

“Police and Border Police officers are at the scene conducting searches for the suspect who fled the scene,” it continued.

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