‘It is all empty guarantees’: Palestinians really feel betrayed by US, warn there’s solely a lot they’ll bear

'It's all empty promises': Palestinians feel betrayed by US, warn there's only so much they can bear

Ramallah, West Bank

Abu A’asem brews pot after pot of his specialty Arabic coffee, despite the pouring rain. His corner stand at the heart of Ramallah is always busy, no matter the weather, but his future as a Palestinian is very much as gloomy as the skies above.

“I am 40 years old and I keep seeing the same thing. Many leaderships have come and gone and the situation remains the same,” he says.

Despite US Secretary of State Antony Blinken meeting with Palestinian Authority President Mahmoud Abbas just a few hilly kilometers away on Tuesday, A’asem says he is sure Palestinians are not a priority for Washington.

“His visit is only intended for Israel,” he says. “It’s just good manners to pass by since he is in the neighborhood.”

Blinken’s visit came in a month that has seen the number of Palestinians killed by Israeli security forces…