It is Clear that Gov. Romney’s Brain is Much Less Presidential and Even Dangerous.

Experts Have Analyzed President Obama and Gov. Romney’s Mind and have all Missed Analyzing the Candidates Brains; Which is Just as Important.

While we experts analyze the minds of our presidential contenders we mostly ignore analyzing their equally important brains. It is time we woke up to the importance of analyzing the brains of our leaders.

It is the brain that projects the mind.The brain is the source of power that supplies the emotional intelligence to the mind. In an ideal leadership situation it is the mind that leads the brain. It is the mind that controls the emotional intelligence of the brain. It is the mind that is the master of the brain in all great leadership.

The fundamental qualifier of presidential leadership is emotional intelligence. It is emotional intelligence that determines the quality of leadership and it is what makes a leader great. President Reagan is a perfect example. When it came to intelligence/knowledge/mind he relied heavily on the advice and insights of his advisers, without going into understanding all the nuts and bolts of the issues involved. It was his brain/emotional-intelligence/gut-feelings that carried the day for him.

It is very essential to know whether the leader’s brain will act or react; when the nation is faced with critical issues like a financial crisis or the decision to go to war. It is very clear that on some of the fundamental issues like tax breaks for the rich Gov. Romney will abandon all rationality that is supplied by the mind and will indulge in the emotional gut feelings of his brain. He will brain-react rather than mind-act. He is all for a balanced budget but will totally ignore the huge hole that the tax break for the rich will create. He will also go with his brain/gut-feelings when it comes to facing off Iran. It is clear he will shoot first and then be mindful of the consequences.

It is clear that Gov. Romney’s emotional intelligence is controlled by his brain when it comes to his ’emotional issues’ rather than by his mind as it should be. On crucial issues his brain is in control of his mind. His emotional intelligence is the master of his intelligence. His brain instead of being at the beck and call of his mind; it is the other way around. His brain shuts off rational options and refuses to consider any detrimental consequences on his key emotional issues.

When it comes to President Obama it is clear that all his actions are fully deliberated decisions that come from his mind. His brain is fully controlled by his mind. His intelligence is in full control of his emotional intelligence. For President Obama his brain is an organ of the body just like his hand and feet, he is in full control of his brain. Especially in times of a crisis President Obama takes well discussed and fully mind measured decisions. He will take into account the consequences of his decisions before he will decide what action to take. He chooses the best possible action. He is even creative having successfully introduced, ‘Leading from behind’.

Also we are the only ones able to pin point the exact cause of President Obama’s 1st. debate debacle (his brain was tired, which he has now relaxed and rested, thanks to us pointing it out!) because we are the only experts of our kind. We have redefined the differences between brain and mind in our own unique manner; (If one googles, ‘difference between brain and mind’, we come up on top). Having a clear picture of the different functions of the brain and mind has created a whole lot of practical applications, especially in education. We can target education for the brain which is more or less missing so far . It also gives us a better way of understanding the brain by reading the body language of the presidential candidates.

Take the last debate. Notice the smile on the face of Gov. Romney, whether it was a good or tragic topic, the smile was a constant. Also it was a little nervous smile which indicates that it was a forced smile. It clearly showed that Gov. Romney was hiding something. Gov. Romney’s brain wanted to give one answer while his mind actually gave a different answer. It is a good sign that Gov. Romney’s mind is in control of his brain but when the brain/heart is dragged to speak the opposite of the brain’s own long term position; the mind feels guilty as it considers the brain’s view as the mind’s real position. Shifting from the brain/mind’s long term belief creates its own biochemical reactions in the brain that project a nervous brain and mind. So the mind hides its nervousness by projecting a smile. This nervous smile will stick with Gov. Romney through out this campaign to the very end unless he stops lying.

This effort to convey a different position than the actual belief causes physical consequences for the brain that show up in the form of tiredness, nervousness, sweatyness etc. All this was clearly visible in Gov. Romney’s body language. In other words one can clearly see that Gov. Romney was clearly lying. We are so confident of our findings that we will challenge Gov. Romney to show us a well rested face without any form of tiredness, nervousness, sweatyness etc.