Jamie Dimon sounds the alarm on the way forward for American prosperity

“Unfortunately, the tragedies of this past year are only the tip of the iceberg — they merely expose enormous failures that have existed for decades and have been deeply damaging to America,” Dimon wrote, adding that the nation was “totally unprepared” for the deadly pandemic.

“In each case, America’s might and resiliency strengthened our position in the world, particularly in relation to our major international competitors,” Dimon said. “This time may be different.”

In other words, America’s rivals, most notably China, could use this moment to catch up.

Don’t assume the problems will go away

In a phone interview with CNN Business, Dimon urged the nation to take this moment seriously.

“Are we at a crossroads? I don’t know, but I would treat it like one,” he said. “The better strategy in life is to assume it is and fix it, rather than assume it will go away.”

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Dimon suggested the first step is for America to admit it has serious problems.

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