Japan tells tens of millions to save lots of electrical energy as document warmth wave strains energy provide

Japan tells millions to save electricity as record heat wave strains power supply


The government urged citizens in the capital to turn off lights and power switches for three hours in the afternoon and to use air conditioning “appropriately,” as the country struggles with growing power shortages.

The request comes despite experts warning that record-setting temperatures could continue for weeks.

“Please save as much power as possible, such as by turning off lights that are not in use,” the Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry said Monday. It said appropriate uses of air conditioning included to “prevent heatstroke.”

Japan’s power supply has been tight since March, when an earthquake in the northeast forced some nuclear power plants to suspend operations. At the same time demand is at its highest since 2011, when Japan was hit by the strongest earthquake in its recorded history. The ministry warned the mismatch between supply and demand is becoming “severe.”
But with recent temperatures soaring to dangerous levels, rationing electricity will not be easy.